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We will cross landscapes where horses, foals and cows graze, the one-hour hike will take you to the foot of the Belzile mountain dominated by the cross. We will pass beside the remains of the Barytine Mine of Saint-Fabien where we will tell you about the village's short mining period. You will follow the mountain next to a beautiful growing field. We will then go up the mountain through a narrow path before heading back to the ranch.



1 hour


Départure times available

8h30 / 10h30 / 1h30 / 3h30 / 4h30



35.00$ / horse + 5.00$ / helmet
for a total of 40$ / person


Parent information:

Sadly we do not take kids under the age of 5.

For kids that are 6 and 7 years old, the guide will hold and walk next to the child's horse to ensure it's safety. For kids of 8 and 9 years old, the guide will decide if the child needs to be held by a leash (from the guide's horse) after the shorth training session. The guide wan't to ensure that the trail ride will go as planned, where the children enjoy themselves and the parents are worry-free.

Helmets are nessecary and we have some to rent for a price of 5$/helmet.